Fire Rating

What is Fire Rating?

A Fire Rating is a means of quantifying the fire resistance of both the structure and the materials employed. It indicates the duration for which materials or assemblies can endure fire exposure without attaining a critical temperature or losing their ability to function properly. Fire ratings are commonly used to evaluate the fire safety of various building elements, including walls, doors, floors, and ceilings. Similarly, when it comes to mezzanine floors, all components and materials are also subjected to fire rating assessments.

How is Fire Rating Measured?

Fire ratings are commonly measured in units of time, typically minutes or hours. This measurement indicates the duration for which a material or structure can endure fire exposure without enabling the fire to propagate to adjacent areas or surroundings. A higher fire rating signifies increased resistance to fire, allowing materials to withstand flames for a longer period, thereby granting occupants more time to evacuate securely.

Fire Rating Factors:

Fire ratings are established through standardised fire tests conducted at laboratories. These tests are specifically designed to replicate different levels and conditions of fire in order to assess the resistance capabilities of various materials. The performance of materials in each factor determines the assigned Fire Rating. Examples of fire resistance factors include:

  • Slowed flame spread
  • Reduced heat transfer
  • Structural integrity
  • Reduced smoke generation

Fire Rating Requirements:

If a mezzanine floor is intended to be occupied by staff or customers, it is legally required to have a fire rating. Additionally, there are several other factors that determine whether a mezzanine floor must be fire rated, including:

  • If the mezzanine occupies over 50% of the ground floor plan.
  • If the length or width of the mezzanine exceeds 20 meters.
  • If the mezzanine consists of multiple tiers or levels.


The significance of Fire Ratings in ensuring the safety of building and mezzanine floor occupants cannot be emphasised enough. Fire ratings play a vital role in evaluating the fire resistance capabilities of materials used. By assessing various components of a building or mezzanine, including flooring and staircases, an overall fire safety rating is determined. This assessment provides valuable insights into areas that may require improvements in their fire ratings, thereby enhancing overall fire safety measures.

Mezzanine Fire Rating

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