Mezzanine Floor Blackburn

Mezzanine Floor Blackburn

Are you searching for a high quality mezzanine floor Blackburn?

Every business, as they expand, requires more space and if your existing space is already full, what options are available?

Relocating brings the expenses on transportation, set-up and production rate decreases. Furthermore, trying to find another suitable premises can take time and relocating can also run the risk of losing or damaging any stock or machinery.

A mezzanine is at a fraction of the cost of relocating and can be completed in a matter of days for building a small scale mezzanine and a couple of weeks for a large scale mezzanine.

Mezzanine floors offer the potential to double your existing space and full flexibility for usage, such as for office space, shop and storage.

There are however a few factors to consider before purchasing your new mezzanine:

  • Will the floor be purely for storage?
  • Will any staff or customers be on top or below the mezzanine?
  • What fire and load rating will be required?
  • Will Building Control and planning permission be required?

The RAIDX Mezzanine Floor Blackburn team can offer advice for any of the requirements and liaise with any necessary third parties on your behalf. 

We try to make the installation process as stress free and quick as possible from first contact all the way to sign off.

The RAIDX Mezzanine Floor Blackburn team have many years of experience, working within a diverse set of sectors and complete projects within budget and on time.

Our free, online mezzanine floor cost calculator below can provide you with an estimated cost for the supply and fitting of a mezzanine floor, or contact our specialist Mezzanine Floor Blackburn team today to arrange a no-obligation initial chat or site survey.

Click to build online mezzanine floor estimate

This is for estimation or budget purposes and does not constitute a formal quotation.

To include underfloor lighting based on current regulations
Select your load requirement. This will be confirmed during a survey.
As a guideline, if staff/customers are likely to be frequenting the mezzanine, it MUST be fire rated by law
Height of mezzanine from ground
at least 1200mm wide with closed treads and a mid-landing if the height dictates more than 12 risers. (These are normally for offices, production or retail floors)
You only need to select ‘Public Access’ if members of the general public are using the mezzanine, NOT your employees or colleagues.
If members of the public are using your floor, you will need to use the more protected, public access stairways to be legal
How many linear metres of handrail required for the mezzanine
You only need to select ‘Public Access’ handrail if members of the general public are using the mezzanine, NOT your employees or colleagues.
If members of the public are using your floor, you will need to use the more protected, public access handrails to be legal
Building control is required by law. Click ON if you require us to provide Building Control
Testing of floor slab is required as part of the Building Control requirements, click ‘ON’ if you wish us to arrange this
A fork lift will be required to unload the mezzanine. You may use/hire your own, or we can hire one on your behalf.
We offer a waste disposal option calculated at a ‘per 100 sq./m’ rate

This is an estimated cost. For an accurate quotation, please click “Callback” or “Contact “


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      RAIDX Mezzanine Floor Blackburn

      floor loading

      There’s are four loading categories specified by British Standards: Office use between 2.5 & 3.5 kilo-newtons/, light industrial use 4.8 kilo-newtons/, medium industrial use 7.5 kilo-newtons/, heavy industrial use 9.6 kilo-newtons/


      There are two types of staircases for mezzanine floors; Part M with closed treads usually for offices or retail floors or Utility, usually used for storage floors.

      fire rating

      Depending upon usage of the mezzanine floor, or if staff or customers are likely to be under the mezzanine, then you MUST have fire rated floors.

      emergency lighting

      Depending upon usage of the mezzanine floor, or if staff or customers are likely to using the mezzanine, then you will need emergency lighting, fire & smoke detection, exit points etc.

      building regulations

      Whilst planning permission is not normally required, it’s the law that ALL Mezzanine floors get Building Regulation approval and an application needs to be submitted to the local council.

      planning permission

      Some mezzanine floors will require planning permission to be submitted to the local council. We can organise this on your behalf if required.


      You don't just 'stick up' a mezzanine floor - design of the mezzanine floor space is vital to ensure safety & compliance and that the mezzanine floor will fulfill your requirements!


      You need to ensure your mezzanine floor is safe and secure, or you may be making it office space, so some form of partitioning or balustrades may be required.

      sub-floor slab rating

      A prerequisite of Building Control regulations is the floor structure that your mezzanine floor is being constructed on. You’ll need original plans for the building or a Structural Engineer to acquire this information for you. We usually handle this aspect on our projects.

      Why choose us?

      When it comes to your mezzanine floor requirements, RAIDX Mezzanine Floors is the ideal choice. As a leading supplier and installer of mezzanine floors, we are dedicated to providing a full turn-key service, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience from the moment you place your order until completion.

      Our extensive industry experience and solid reputation are a testament to our commitment to excellence. We have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

      Our dedicated project management team takes care of all the logistics, coordination, and scheduling, allowing you to focus on your core business. Our knowledgeable experts work closely with you, paying attention to every detail to bring your vision to life.

      At RAIDX Mezzanine Floors, we prioritise open communication throughout the process, ensuring that your needs are met. Trust us as your reliable supplier and installer and discover the difference our comprehensive service can make.

      Mezzanine Floor Blackburn

      Mezzanine Floor Blackburn

      Mezzanine Floors Blackburn